Thursday, May 29, 2014

and i used to do this all the time

I've forgotten how hard it is to write a resume. Jeez, I can't even update mine to stay current. I'm supposed to be posting it to the website at work too. I don't really think a resume and a CV are the same thing though. Ah, I need to google that.  It's not so bad with LB is working on it at the same time - forces me to actually revise the file. It's been like an hour and I've finally written 3 sentences. Oh wow, I see why people go to the writing center in college - it actually forces you to write and people comfort you by telling you how awesome you are and also point out what you can change. I remember always feeling a panic that I wouldn't any suggestions, but in most cases I did by the time they finished reading. It helped if I just plotted out the main idea of each paragraph as they read so that they could organize their writing. Then they did the rest.  Oh writing center days, that really did actually help with my ability to give constructive feedback.

On the RA front, I don't even know what I'm doing. Half of me is all - just do it. The other half of me is all - but it's so much work to get ready. So I'm basically lazy.

I did some thinking about why I didn't want to, and most of it came down to me being unhappy in the end. But I never used to think like that. I used to just think about now, and even with Bud post break-up I would ask myself if I regretted it and I never did. Even when I was depressed I still didn't. So why am I thinking about being sad and regretting this time around? It's just that there's so much doom on this b/c it can never be a relationship and I always thought what I wanted is a relationship. But I couldn't stand it when SC texted me all the time, so if that's a relationship then I don't want one. I see why people say women need slutty college years, but only if you go to a big enough college where you don't have to see the same guy you slept with when you were tipsy for the next 3 and a half years. My college was not big enough.
unless it was Jung Kyung Ho
oh yeah
AC is flying off to Turkey tonight. Praying she'll have a safe flight and that she has a great experience in Malaysia (Istanbul is just the layover).
Istanbul, Turkey

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