Friday, May 23, 2014

lemon lavender soy

I bought a lemon lavender flavored diamond candle and I love it. It just came in the mail today - it was here when I got back. I started burning it as soon as I got home, but I doubt it'll burn down to the ring. Looks like I'll have to wait until Monday when I get back.

I think I need a vacation because BH is starting to annoy me and usually I am really zen about - she can't help how she is. I think I need to turn down my level of work caring b/c it's one of those situations where you can't do anything right.

That said Memorial Day weekend is this weekend so I have 3 days of vegging. Thing is, I can't veg - I have to drive up to PA tomorrow morning, and then drive back Monday afternoon. Then on Tuesday, I committed to a 7am fitness boot camp at work. That's actually going to be fun b/c Victor is entertaining and I like a challenge. Need to figure out if I have to shower or just clean myself up with baby wipes afterwards.

In terms of boy news, the RA one just wanted a hookup and I told him I'm incapable of that. For what it's worth, I tried to be capable, but I just get way too attached & misery follows me for too long afterwards. Ugh, I don't need to move into depression b/c a dude who I've known for 2 months leaves for 6 months. I'll just enjoy the last dredges of whatever cologne he was wearing that rubbed off on the blanket I keep on my couch. I'm just happy it ended with no angst - I can feel good about it. Here's hoping the next guy who comes along likes me and I like him.

i'll live it up while i'm waiting...

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