Sunday, November 24, 2013

grow a pear

There's a yearly 5mile run near my mom's hometown called Brian's Run. Thanksgiving weekend so I'll be in town. I figured I'd run - the titular Brian is my mom's cousin. Lately, running goes by really fast if I'm chatting with a friend. But none of my friends in PA run for fun! I can't find anyone to do it with me. AJ is a maybe and that's all I've got.
Aren't mid-run pictures awesome in their awkward?
Three more days of work left before Thanksgiving, and if today is any indication, cold days they'll be. I love to run, but I draw the line at 40 degrees. Anything less, and I don't care how bundled up I am - too much snot to cope with will drip from my nose. Have you ever carried a wad of wet tissues around in your pocket for 3 miles? It's not worth it. Still, I had a weak moment and bought a bunch of bread on Wednesday. At this rate I'm going to put on pounds before my beach vacation.
I want to eat one now.
I finished watching Heartless City, and my crush on Jung Kyung-ho is rekindled. Why are all the hot ones players? Somebody's got to be, I guess. Don't hate the player, all that... The characters dressed so well in HC. Can their wardrobe stylist style me? I spent an hour listening to the soundtrack on repeat.
A hot man who READS?! Help me. I can't deal.
Spent the weekend feeling bad - mentally, not physically. Actually it started on Thursday, peaked Friday, stayed with me Saturday, and there's no way I can sustain that level of depression, so it's pretty much gone today. Worrying did it.
I keep telling myself to grow a pair.
Will I rewatch City Hunter? I still remember overall what happens, but I've mostly forgotten the details. I'd only rewatch Lee Min-ho in that or in Faith. I know, there's no accounting for good taste.

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