Thursday, November 14, 2013

go through a dozen eggs

Just finished the last episode of Just You. It was serious fluff. I had to wait until the last 2 minutes to watch the only scene I cared about. TW dramas... literally every single person in the office wound up with their true love in the end, except the coolest guy, who accepted that he didn't get the girl and went back to his playa player ways. Oh if the female lead had any sense, she would have taken that one. But the heart wants what the heart wants. I guess. And the heart doesn't want Dean Fujioka because???? All I'm saying is that he will probably always be hotter than Aaron Yan. Aaron is mostly just pretty adorable. Let's face it, the whole cast was adorable and it didn't help that their wardrobe consisted almost entirely of pastels. I need to stop wearing black.
okay, Aaron looks too smug for his own good
How's my life going? Regular knee problems. Traffic jams. Stupid boys. I don't know. I don't know. I need to read my apartment lease again and see when I'm supposed to start haggling to keep the rent the same rate. If it's 90 days, then wow, that's the end of this month that I need to head on over. So many bills. Whyyy.

Went on and almost decided to sign up with a company that sells you food every week that's fresh and from local farms. If I was a bit richer, I would. Also, there's no way I eat a dozen eggs by myself every week. It takes me two weeks to go through a dozen eggs. Man, I really need to get the oven sitch sorted out.

Found the ring in my diamond candle. It's $10& too big!!!!!

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