Monday, November 11, 2013

push over | over sight?

Veteran's Day. I woke up in PA in my parents' house, in the room I used to sleep in when I was in high school, and where I haven't slept since I graduated from undergrad. My parents are not the kind to leave a room sitting there, my youngest sister uses it now. It was much neater when I was there. I don't know - I just like having space to move around in.

I remembered to bring the diamond candle home. Frustratingly enough, it's taking forever to burn down to the ring. I don't think it's going to happen tonight. Tomorrow then. I just want it to be pretty.

I realized that I already have an emotional attachment to S, as in to the personality that comes through via text every day, which is just a shadow of the real person. Hence the reason why I feel it's misleading.

Rewatching "27 Dresses," mostly because my sisters are convinced that I am like the movie's main character. If it meant I was tall and superficially pretty like Katherine Heigel, I wouldn't be insulted, but they mean as in the personality of the main character, so I'm insulted-don't like to think of myself as a pushover. Next time they bring it up, I should ask them which one of them is the lying annoying younger sister. Ah well, maybe it just means I'm bound to fall in love with a man as gorgeous as James Marsden one day. Mah hah!
james marsden

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