Tuesday, October 14, 2014

sings "i don't have money on my mind"

So while I wait for my current favorite drama to be subbed/finished (aka My Secret Hotel), I've started watching a ridiculously cute drama called Surplus Princess, which is notable because of the lust the main female lead as for the apple bottom of the guy she has a crush on, played by Song Jae-rim. It's kind of hilarious because I've only ever seen him in Two Weeks, where he played a psycho killer with no visible emotion, so to see him act ridiculous is even more ridiculous than the show intended.
much cuter with a smile than as the Two Weeks pen-wielding murderer
Long day, which started off with the gyno trip I put off for 7 years. I liked the doctor, didn't like the procedure, but I'm glad it's over for at least a year, and pending an abnormal test result, I'm healthy. Still, no wonder after I had my very first pap smear I came away feeling violated. I don't know the details of the exam that men have to go through, but surely it can't hurt as much - or am I wrong?

Burning my diamond candle. This one has more staying power than the others. Haven't even seen the foil, but I feel the need to burn the candle because when I came back here after those days in PA, downstairs smelled as impersonal as a hotel. Not cool! I like to spend time in a nice-smelling apartment. I should have put up more of a fuss about them redoing the carpet before I moved in. Much too late now.

Tomorrow is the last day before my birthday. It's the fun run at work, which I'm going to walk if it happens. Supposed to thunderstorm and we'll all be lightening magnets because the course is in the open. Not trying to get struck, ya'll. Loving the Sam Smith cd - it was a good decision to buy it.

How will I spend my birthday? I should start it with a workout on that stair-stepper machine... after I sleep in for a reasonable amount of time, of course.

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