Tuesday, February 17, 2015

first code red of the year

My apartment is so much nicer in the day with all the light coming in than when I normally see it - before dawn and just before dark. The snow meant a code red at work, so the center is closed and I still get paid. So I'm home for the last day of a 4 day weekend! I've actually been kind of productive - cooked cornbread muffins, did the dishes, have a load of laundry in, read 4 Healer recaps in an attempt to relive the magic, watched 4 hours of HGTV in the background, sipping my second cup of tea, shoveled out my car from the powdery snow, am defrosting 4 chicken breasts to make soup later tonight, did Ed Sheeran karaoke on my tablettie, paranoidly checked my work email just to be sure I didn't dream the code red. I'm in a mood where I cook more food than I need solely for the sake of trying new recipes. These usually last a few days.  I still have plenty of mini pot pie leftovers and the bbq pulled chicken. I need to force myself to change the sheets in the next few minutes, then wash my hair, and write a few blog bosts and all will be accomplished. I'm naturally more cheerful in the face of so much sunlight.

When I go up to PA to get my wisdom teeth out, must remember to bring back the books I left in random places so Michelle will have more room in her room, which I think is the best room in the house because it gets the morning light and turns it golden - go corner rooms.

Had a good talk with AJ last night. We're going to try to meet up before she starts an intense accelerated nursing program in late March. After that, she'll be able to get a great job. I'm happy for her, but I know that I won't be able to see her much until she's completed the program. She's been working towards this for a while, so I'm glad she has a sense of purpose, professionally I mean.

Regarding online dating, well no bites. If I ever do get one again, here's hoping he's awesome. MC thinks I dodged a bullet with the last guy - she's probably right!

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