Thursday, February 12, 2015

5-6 days, and my appetite came back

It should come as no surprise that I'm still reading War and Peace.  Only 7 hours left now, according to the kindle. This is one of the rare cases in which I think reading it on the kindle is better, simply because I don't have to lug the print book around. And also I can forget about how far I've read. I'm treating it like it will never end basically. That Tolstoy.

In other news, it's back to okcupid. Fail was... well I could have seen it coming. After the initial novelty of dating someone wore off, the guy I was dating well he rolled his eyes a lot. I could ignore that. But then how could he not love SH?! Or even be civil and answer a simple question as to what you do at work without sarcasm? Turns out he either has no respect for me, or is a coward because he decided to cut off all contact and not have a discussion. After all that talk about handling relationships in a mature way... Hoping this next go around, I find someone less orn'ry. Fingers crossed. Going to force myself to get on for an hour every day. That site forced me to pay for two months, so I my as well get my moneys worth in heartbreak and disappointment. Okay, being dramatic. More like hurt feelings that take 5-6 days to recover. This is why I exercise and buy puffs plus with lotion. I can do that again until I find someone I click with more.

The verdict is in: all 4 wisdom teeth must come out. Boo. Hiss. The big day is in exactly 2 weeks. I've never been given an IV to put me out of my mind before. Scared, but kind of reassured that I won't remember. I hope there are no complications and that I just need to deal with the pain of recovering. Going up to my parents' to have it done. I'm in my late 20s, but my mom is still upset that I have to go through it. I was touched when she said that. Made me understand what my co-worker said about wanting to have boys instead of girls because of all the physical pain women have to go through in their life.

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