Saturday, January 31, 2015

pabo stooopid

This is probably the third Saturday in a row where I have done nothing outside. I meant to go out - I really did. But it was 5 degrees out there. It was even cold downstairs. So I put on an extra jacket and then I never did go out.

Going to SH's superbowl party tomorrow. I have to bring a dish. I'm going to make EGW's turkey meat ball recipe and hope it works out. I checked and I have all the ingredients. I do need to get some more gas though. I invited R to go with me and I don't think it's fair if I make him drive. He can just sit back and navigate or something.  I was all fired up to go to Burlington Coat Factory and buy clothes, but eh. I should really just pay off my baby loan. I did the math, and paying off the rest of it in one lump sum will save me almost $4K and 4 years in the long run. Must evaluate bank account. I also did some more writing, but not that much. I need to get to a scene with Haejin actually in it. After I visualize him and completely make him  my own character, then I can watch Bad Guys too.

My phone is telling me that there's a text message that I didn't answer. There totally isn't! Is it just going to have a 1 forever by the messages? Stooopid.

Tomorrow morning, I need to buy: gas, chocolate chips, half and half. I can get all this from 7 Eleven and then from Target. I'd go to Weis, but Target is closer. As long as I don't detour to Hobby Lobby, I should be fine. I'm hardcore trying to resist Hobby Lobby ever since I went in there for Christmas shopping and discovered it's wonderful.

So on this last day of January, have I taken steps towards my goals?  Yes. I'm now 47% of the way through War and Peace on the kindle. It's easier to read on the kindle because I accept the fact that it's endless. In the book, it's been about 5 years. It's the Napoleonic Wars. 
I've started writing that Haejin story as well. Haven't progressed on that one as much, but I'm getting there.
And I did start dating someone I can respect. I think respect is very important, and the reasons that I respect people are because of how capable they demonstrate themselves to be in one context or another. I think I got lucky. Is it weird that all my relationship stats are 'breaking up is hard to do?' I actually think that sums it up, the painful nature of forming romantic relationships. At least it's been mostly painful for me. Always hoping that'll turn around though.
I haven't taken any swimming steps though. And I think those were all my goals.

One year, I will probably have goals to cut down on dramas, but not this year! I spent a large part of my 20s in love with dramas, since I was 21 in fact. Wow, so the better part of my 20s in love with dramas. I'm all caught up on the classics now, so unless modern dramas come along, I doubt I'll ever find myself marathoning show after show. The other day I realized it had been over 2 years since Vampire Prosecutor 2 came on. Where did the time go? And Song Joong-ki is going to be out of the military in a few months. Heol.

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