Saturday, January 3, 2015

2015 goals

So far I've got three goals for 2015:
Watch Old Boy (2003)
Type up my Hae-jin story - at least the outline of it
Take a swimming class - because we all know I'd drown

My immediate goals for January are:
Buy something at Kohls because that $20 expires tomorrow
Get the most of out this cupid thing - expires in a month
Send EGW a birthday card

Feelings about the cupid thing - it is hella overwhelming. When my friend told me she hated dating, well I get what she means. I can handle one or two, but there are too many. And what makes a 43 year old think I am going to even reply? I'm in my 20s, damnit! I heard this joke on Conan - for a Halloween costume, an older man should stand next to a young pretty woman and BOOM he's invisible.  Learn, men. Learn.

you are not this man

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