Thursday, November 6, 2014

relive a memory; story brainstorm 2

Story brainstorm one is when I wrote the dream into a notebook the moment I woke up feeling blessed by it. I'm going to turn this dream into a story. Light and memory and sadness. It's beautiful in my head. I know the ending. I know the reason the parents travel away from their oldest children, that they're closer to the youngest, but I don't know why they were driven to leave and search for the youngest in places he's never been. The oldest son, he's the one left behind to take care of the grey building by the ocean. Is it always about to storm there? He seems like he's always the root of it, like Calypso, controlling his small slip of ocean. And the girl, I don't know what made her come to stay. Nothing to do with the oldest son, something to down with her own problems, although she wraps herself in his family after a while.

On a more practical note, since I'm returning to my first real love of magical realism, I need something else to be out of the ordinary or the parents coming in the end will be out of left field, like a deus ex machina, and I definitely can't have that. I mean, the parents are there in phone calls and skype calls and emails because they do love their other children very much. But they (parents and siblings) all loved the youngest so they understand the need to search. So the parents are present, so it won't feel like them coming in the end is weird because they'll have been there all the time, if not physically. And then they have this gift, this trick. This community trick.

And what does the sitter have to do with it?  Hmm. Maybe she's the rest of the magical realism? Maybe she's found the opposite of what the parents go looking for, so there's an absence in their lives where she used to be, which they can feel, but can't know? And this sitter, she knows the girl. She's in the girl's life, didn't consider that important enough to be wiped, or loved the girl and couldn't bear to be forgotten somewhere in the girl's neural network. Love, the motivation for all the characters when it comes down to it, love skewed by money and by loneliness and by all the other things that can skew it, which are:
opinion of others
goals for self
family ties
past experience (both good and bad)
relationships with others
other drugs
perception of the person/thing loved
any of the 7 deadly sins

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