Saturday, November 8, 2014

i think i watch too much tv

I am scarred. Mentally. I cleaned the bathtub and then decided to clean around the faucet. But I couldn't get to the area where the faucet meets countertop so I decided to pour hydrogen peroxide there and then clean with a q-tip. It started fizzing and bubbling. And then whatever that is came right off in such a gross disgusting way that it almost triggered the gag reflex. If I see a spider, I'm going to gag. I might throw up. Save me. I should just go to sleep before I see something I don't want to see and I puke all over the carpet. How am I going to get that out?
I can never regard that bathroom as clean again. How can I get the mold out? The trouble is that the stuff you put to seal the gap between tile and tub is peeling off. It needs to be redone. What is that stuff called? I used to know back that one day when I helped redo that house for a whole Saturday in April, but now I don't know. And I remember that it's no use putting that stuff down unless the area is clean, so I'd have to scrape away the bad stuff first and then put the new sealant on. Anuksunamon, sebowei (I had no clue how to spell that).
Bought the tickets for the PR trip in December with AC. Oh yeah! It's going to be a fun 4 days of joy. You can't know when though because it's a well known fact that someone will come and rob my house if I post the days I'll be gone. If they do come, they'll be real disappointed because the tv is super small. It's like 15 inches. The blu-ray player is new though. It's probably worth the most besides my laptop. And I don't think my laptop is worth all that much because I've had it since 2008. Oh yeah, 6 years now, baby! I just Googled my laptop - Dell inspiron 1525 - and the most expensive one was $230 on eBay. Psst - you're ripping yourself off if you buy it for that much. Back in 2008 I paid $500 for it, it runs Vista, one of its screws is forever lost, and it has a crack on the left. But it still works! It's never given me any hardware problems either, unlike my first laptop, which had to get a video card replaced before I'd had it a year.
Watched 5 episodes of Cantabile Tomorrow, so I clearly have a problem. I only stopped because there aren't any more yet. It's Joo Won's new drama. This is only my third Joo Won drama. The last time I saw him was a few years ago when he was the star of Gaksital. Before that was Ojakgyo Brothers, which I quit watching at ep45 because that was right before the makjang set in. Anyway, I like Cantabile Tomorrow, mostly for the music. I saw the Japanese drama years ago, called Nodame Cantabile. All I remember from that is Chiaki Senpai, haha. That's a testimony to the drama because I usually never remember the character's names, only the actor names. Same with all cinema.

Other shows I am watching -
Three Musketeers, a Kdrama with Lee Jin-wook, who I know from Nine is a stunningly good kisser, which I wish I could experience, but I'm not really into this show yet. And Jung Yong-hwa is lucky he's such a good musician because I never enjoy seeing his boring face in a drama - he has about 2 expressions.
Grace Point, a FOX miniseries that stars one of the guys who played Doctor Who, the weird looking one with the crazy eyes who I can never find attractive. I'm halfway through and I have a character I hate with a vengeance. She must go down. The dad is dumb and easy to manipulate. I like the mystery.
The Mindy Project, because Mindy Kahling is awesome. Can I read her memoir again?
Brooklyn Nine-nine, not that I particularly like Andy Samberg, but I like this type of humor.
Modern Family, I also like this type of humor. It's mostly sarcasm. Hola hola!
Sleepy Hollow, but only while I cook or do something else that means I don't have to actually watch the tv or fully pay attention. I wanted this show to be so much better than it is. And I will never like the evil witch wife. Or that they wasted John Cho.
The Big Bang Theory, because a long time ago my mom got me addicted, and I like being able to talk about a show with her because I love her.
Haven, because Audrey from season 1 was so badass that I respected her, and I will keep on respecting her until this show dies.
We Got Married (Song Jae-rim/Kim So-eun), because Song Jae-rim is a hilarious cute flirt with no shame. I first saw him as the pen killer in the Lee Jun-ki drama Two Weeks. He didn't impress me at all because his character spent all his time looking steely and killing people in efficient ways with the pen his father gave him. But then he was funny in Surplus Princess and he has a lot of hilarious fan girls, so it got me interested enough to look up the half hour episodes and they are the most hilarious reality tv I have ever seen. I think there's going to be something like 40 episodes and I am in this one for the long haul. I smile and laugh every time.

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