Wednesday, November 19, 2014

after that disappointing coffee event which was vaguely disappointing for reasons I don't even quite know

New goal is to try to be better to the ARP blog and write more for it. I'm trying to find interesting articles or at least a topic for when I have the energy to write. Every so often I just do a google news search on books, but I really have to wait a week for there to be new articles. I think what I need is a few blogs that I go to for inspiration. We'll see.

Went to the second contractor event today and I wasn't really wowed. Maybe later? I'm only doing it so that I can make some friends, but everyone is in the early polite stage. You cannot rush friendship. I mean, how long did it take me to become good friends with AC anyway? I need to send her a check for my hotel portion now that I think of it. I should write that and get it into the mail. And darn I was just at the post office today.

New person at work, so there's training involved. And I'm doing part of it. Why did that happen? It feels weird. And then she mentioned that what she really wants to do is procurement so after a year she might just go and find another job. And then I can see it happening again - having to train a new person. Gosh, that's not ideal. No ideal at all. I hope it doesn't happen actually. B won't be around to explain all the things I don't know. Goshhhh. Ah well, just trust in God and try to eavesdrop to be able to train the next person I guess. There are tutorials.

But I don't like to bring work home. I prefer to turn it off actually. Which usually isn't hard as I'm not really that interested in work-related things. Now whenever I see the logo I cringe. I bought myself a mug and I never use it because it makes me cringe and think about work. Now I see why I don't own a work t-shirt or hat or hoodie.


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