Monday, December 22, 2014

Must Record PR - Day 2

First I have to say that I am thoroughly enjoying the Kdrama Modern Farmer. At least once an episode I debate on whether Lee Hongki is appealing as a man. No definitive answer on that, but Park Minwoo is. And I watched the first episode of Pinocchio, which I expected to be bored by, but it made me feel, ya'll. I was crying by the 25min mark at the sad back story, despite the fact that it was predictable.

Also, last night I was brave and went to DC on the metro all by myself at night to meet a friend who is in town for a couple days. I even changed trains! Many thanks to her for putting up with me and my lateness. It had been 5 years since I last saw her, so I had to go though. I'm a country girl, in cities I spend half my time mourning the lack of trees. I'm always surprised that homeless people sleep by the metro stations. There aren't homeless people in the country much (at least not visibly homeless), mostly because there aren't many people period.

Okay, PR day 2.
Sunday. I woke up at 8:30am for no reason. The girls were not awake, so I just did stuff in the bathroom for an hour. Then AC woke up and opened the curtains and it was the brightest summer day. It was our beach day! I wasn't brave enough to wake up PP, but eventually AC and I were ready so we went downstairs and talked to the towel guy and got wristbands and sat around by the pool until PP came down. The the hotel staff called us a taxi and we were off to Condado and a brunch place called Cafe Marquesa. It was our second choice, but the cabbie couldn't find the first place. AC turned on gps on her phone and we all figured it out. We got his card so we could call him for a ride back. Anyway, Cafe Marquesa was cute and reminded me of Caffe Fontaine in Alexandria, VA where I had crepes with my cousin a couple months ago. At Cafe Marquesa we had cafe con leche (I'm a serious addict now). Also soursop mimosas - delicious. And tamarind mimosas for the second round. Mimosas are like candy. It's like drinking no alcohol at all. Breakfast was an omelette to get protein for the beach day!
soursop tree in Jamaica

Went back to the hotel and changed into bathing suits. Down to the resort to pick up towels. A man set up beach chairs for us for free and we rented an umbrella for $10 and charged it to the hotel room. I read my Philippa Gregory book, The White Princess and sipped a drink from the bar. AC and PP went jet skii-ing for a half hour and I watched as people fell off their jet skis, took pictures of them where they're tiny. We left the beach for the pool. Cramps, so I didn't get in, but did some more reclining and reading. Ate a margherita pizza. Then just sat around until we went inside and showered and laid around and ordered room service and watched a really sad Eagles game where they failed in every way. I ventured to the ice machine. It was far and there were elevators in there - so that's how the staff gets around. We had a message from the front desk because we'd left something on the balcony. Oops. The girls called me weird for not eating again, but I wasn't hungry so I didn't.

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