Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas - before I forget

This year I didn't get to go up until the morning of. When I got there the Mujahids were also there, but not my brother. MWF cooks macaroni and cheese now. My mom was there because her oldest sister was with my grandparents, who can't be alone because of Nana's stroke. The biggest surprise was that my dad got us all earrings from Helzberg Diamonds which fit our personality. I think I liked my mom's the best. So gold. So shiny. Mine have some kind of clear jewel which I know is not a diamond and are silver. MBF's are kind of elvish design. So we all wore them.  I pulled out the dress PP gave me in PR, which is hideous. I think she hates me without knowing me or she has horrible taste. There were puffed sleeves and a bubble hem, which is atrocious on a 5'4" person. I used the seam ripper to get ride of the puffed sleeves, and then I cut off the bubble hem, but I didn't have time to hem it. Mom and YM told me to burn it. Christmas was at my grandparents house since they can't leave the house and we all contended with Sheba who is a 200 pound mastiff who is very sweet but knows that she's 200 pounds and isn't afraid to throw her bulk around. So many desserts.

Next day I went to get oil and filters with the Mujahids. Then my dad did my oil change while I stood around and watched, held the occasional funnel. At night, the sisters and my aunt and cousin went to see the Hobbit 3. MWF tried to bail for an hour to see her friends instead, but she was the one who organized the whole thing and her bf helped her see the light. Weird that she needs him to make decisions now. She was less hissy-fit about it during the movie than I thought she would be. She tends to get moody, while my other sister holds grudges. I now see why my cousin regards Thranduil as her husband. He was really impressive, even if he's still generally crabby and an ass. Will not spoil.

This whole time, I slept on an airbed in the living room. Stayed up until 3:30am and so the next day was super hard to get up. That day was Saturday and SC invited me to go see an indie band play in Glen Mills, but I really wasn't feeling it. I was tired and Glen Mills reminds me of my cousin who was there for juvie and is currently in jail. No, juvie didn't work. Nothing did. So I just stayed home with MBF, who I get along with most comfortably of my siblings, and we chilled and then went and bought a pizza from Dominos - too garlicky but okay else. I like that she likes to drive when she's home because I like to not drive. Oh, and the Mujahids left to get the youngest one back to Arlington where she caught a megabus to A-Town; they also left behind a lot of their stuff that they forgot to pack. The oldest is now in NYC living with the drama of being in a rented apartment with a bunch of early 20-something boys and girls. She loves it.

The next day I'd stayed up until 3:30am again, so I woke up late. Watched Pinocchio episode on my tablet. It really is good to bring on a vacation. Then I took a shower and uncle Mujahid came over to wash his clothes. He's staying at my grandparents' house as he builds the extension onto their house because there's no bathroom downstairs. He hopes to be finished in a week. Then I stopped by my grandparents' house on my way back to MD. Nana told me she loves me more. Poppi was wearing the robe MWF got him for Christmas. Sheba was giant. The back roads were fine, but 95 was slow. Took an extra half hour. Was back by 7pm.

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